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Parish Living Rosary

November 2, 2008

As a member of the Knights of Columbus and officer of both in the local council (as Worthy Deputy Grand Knight) and in the Assembly of the Fourth Degree (as Faithful Pilot), I am involved in organizing two “Living Rosaries”, one for our parish (with the project spearheaded by our local council as endorsed to the Parish Pastoral Council) and the other for the Assembly of the Fourth Degree (with all the ten (10) constituting councils of this assembly in attendance).

As a Catholic, we firmly believe in the power of the rosary and that the promises made by the Blessed Virgin Mary would be fulfilled for as long as there are Catholics praying for her intercession.

Let me share with you my report on the Parish Living Rosary first.


The Parish Living Rosary

(A project spearheaded by the Knights of Columbus

for and in behalf of St Joseph Parish)


Prepared by:

SK Raymond Gerard G. de Leon

        Deputy Grand Knight

        Knights of Columbus

        Tambo Council 6167



The Knights of Columbus Tambo Council 6167, in cooperation with the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Finance Council of St Joseph Parish, hosted a Parish Living Rosary together with the Six Lay Commissions of the Parish Pastoral Council last 29 October 2008.


The Living Rosary is the culmination of month long celebration of the October Rosary Month.  The council had been leading the community praying of the rosary every Wednesday evening after the novena and mass, in observance of the rosary month.  Our Parish Priest, Rev Fr. Joseph Landero concelebrated the Eucharistic Celebration with Rev Fr. Terence de Castro after the Living Rosary.  The parishioners were treated to a free Sacrificial Dinner of chicken porridge, sponsored in part by the Knights of Columbus, after the mass.


Knights of Columbus participation:


  1. Preparation of the tarpaulin printout
  2. Actual participation in the Living Rosary as part of the Commission on Human Promotions
  3. Provided the Honor Guards to make the celebration more colorful and meaningful.
  4. Major sponsor of the Sacrificial Dinner


Tarpaulin of the Living Rosary provided by K of C Tambo Council.

The Commission on Youth provided colorful paper flowers that were pinned to each bead in the picture.



Honor Guards posted at the foot of the tarpaulin.


Reflections on “Meaning”

July 23, 2008

This is my second post and again, I adopt on the reflections of Rev. Fr. Andres Arboleda as printed on the book “Presence, Prayers for Busy People”, copyright 1991 by St. Paul Publishing, Makati.

What differentiates man from animals is the ability to look forward to tomorrow and to look beyond the externals. While man can see beauty in a flower and think of either God or a loved person and even of love itself, a beast will stop short at seeing the flower as something good to eat or not.

What makes man worthy of the same name is his capacity to see beyond there here and now and perceive meanings.

In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl describes his experiences at the Nazi concentration camp where he was detained during World War II. In the concentration camp the prisoners were stripped of everything that made them experience personal worth: name, respect, professionalism, family, knowledge, wealth, etc. He noted that some of the prisoners gave up surviving when everything that made them feel they were someone was taken away. Others got crazy and behaves even worse than beasts, capable of killing another man for a loaf of stale bread or rotting potato. And finally, he noted that those who had something or someone considered more precious than their own lives never lost their will to live even as they were not afraid to either suffer or die. From this experience, he believes that man’s life and even just his survival is determined by what meanings he perceives and chooses to live and die for.

We can push the statement further by saying that a person is worth what he chooses to live and die for. Heroes and saints, as well as villains and criminals, are a proof of this statement. If heroes and saints are great, it is because they have chosen to live and die for causes and meanings greater than themselves or things lower than themselves to live and die, like money or power.

How a man discovers what meaning to give his life is a story of both the environment he lives in and the choices he makes. What counts is what values in life he discovers and ultimately makes his own. “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” (Mt 6:21)

One of the most trying things about being young is that of being in a stage where one has to choose what values to live and die for. Human society is full of models and examples of persons who have embraced their own values. If there are rock stars and actors and actresses making it to the limelight and to wealth, there are also those who, like Francis of Assisi of long time ago, leave behind them a life of ease and comfort to pursue ideals of nobility and service. And what is awful is that today’s young man or woman is left alone to choose.

To discover which model one has to choose, one need not look beyond or outside himself. Instead, one should look into his heart. If he does, he will surely discover passions and drives that are either constructive or destructive: his capacity to love or hate, to give or possess, to build or destroy, to forgive or avenge. When he chooses what is positive and shuns what is negative, he will naturally discover what model or example to embrace. And there he will discover the meaning in his life.