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KC’s Project Libreng Gupit (Free Haircut)

June 14, 2009

I submitted this project report to my council’s Worthy Grand Knight, SK Feliciano ‘Loloy’ Jabian. I am proud of this project. This is among those projects that I have pioneered in our council. I hope the council would continue with such in the coming Columbian Years. read on….
Project Libreng Gupit (Project Free Haircut)

By: SK Raymond Gerard G. de Leon
Deputy Grand Knight & Program Director
Tambo Council 6167

On May 30, 2009, with just two (2) days to go before the schoolchildren start a new school year (June 1, 2009), it is customary as it is traditional for these schoolchildren to start it with new clothes, new books, new school materials, new shoes and many more. Part of this tradition is that they want to start the school year with fresh haircut. The Knights of Columbus Tambo Council 6167, through its Community Committee, thought of offering schoolchildren of the community, especially the less fortunate ones, free haircut right before they start trooping back to school.

We started at 7 o’clock in the morning and until we closed the project at 1 in the afternoon, a total of one hundred twenty (120) back-to-school children male and female aged 4 to 16 years old, benefited with our Project Libreng Gupit.

We enlisted the help of four barbers/haircutters namely Mr Ed “Mama Ed” Zara, Mr Reynaldo (Cookie) Manansala, Mr Renato “Irene” dela Cruz and Mr Webster “Web” Norillo.

Mr. Ed Zara in action with an incoming grade one pupil.  On the background, Mr. Renato dela Cruz with an incoming first year High School student.

Mr. Ed Zara in action with an incoming grade one pupil. On the background, Mr. Renato dela Cruz with an incoming first year High School student.

Mr Webster Norillo with an incoming Grade 5 pupil with queued schoolchildren looks on.  On the left foreground is Mr Reynaldo Manansala.

Mr Webster Norillo with an incoming Grade 5 pupil with queued schoolchildren looks on. On the left foreground is Mr Reynaldo Manansala.

Talk about dedication to his craft…. Mr Webster Norillo perform a “back-to-back” haircut…. Literally.

Talk about dedication to his craft…. Mr Webster Norillo perform a “back-to-back” haircut…. Literally.

A hundred and twenty incoming school children benefited from our Project Libreng Gupit.

A hundred and twenty incoming school children benefited from our Project Libreng Gupit.

Members of Knights of Columbus Tambo Council 6167 manned the Registration table as well as provided auxiliary support during Project Libreng Gupit.

Members of Knights of Columbus Tambo Council 6167 manned the Registration table as well as provided auxiliary support during Project Libreng Gupit.


We Choose Life

June 6, 2009

We have been noticed……

My report to the Knights of Columbus website, via Knights in Action, rendered fruitful results.  The report I submitted, (I also published a copy of which to this blog) bears a picture of us prior to the march and was chosen by the editorial staff of “Knightline” magazine as the picture that symbolizes the march as a whole.

I got several text messages confirming that they have seen this copy of the magazine.

View it from this link and please do find the picture on page 2.

Then I also got feedback that the same picture and report was published in the May 2009 issue of monthly published “Columbia Magazine”.

Check it out on page 7 from this link.

I also got text messages from brother knights from the assembly about this article. Oh well, I am glad I have found the right way (finally) to report our council’s projects.

Walk for Life

March 25, 2009



Members of Paranaque delegation. Members of Padre Pedro M. Dandan Assembly of the fourth degree ACN 0991 pose for a picture before we started walking.


Posing with the State Ceremonials Director, SK Paulino Oblea

Posing with the State Ceremonials Director, SK Paulino Oblea

In response to the call of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) for all Catholics to unite and show our stand on the infamous bill in Philippine Congress, the Reproductive Health Bill 5043, the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines held a tri-State (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao Territorial Jurisdictions) Simultaneous “Walk for Life”.  Tambo Council No. 6167 together with other councils in Padre Pedro M. Dandan Assembly of the fourth degree (ACN 0991) and disctricts (P23, 24, 25 and 26) have sent delegates to form the Diocese of Paranaque congregation of the said event held on 21 March 2009. 


 The event started with a Holy Mass, presided by Most Rev. Honesto Ongtioco D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Cubao and State Chaplain of Luzon Terrotorial Jurisdiction, at the san Agustin Church in Intramuros, Manila followed by the “Walk for Life” march towards Liwasang Bonicafio where a short program was held.

 In the program, the guest speakers were Mayor Alfredo Lim of the City of Manila, Dra Acosta (a former senior officer of the Department of Health), Luzon Deputy Alonso Tan, a read message from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, Monsignor Pedro Quitorio and Most Rev. Honesto Ongtioco.

We choose life and We defend life.

We choose life and We defend life.

TYC Choir in Action

December 23, 2008

Simbang Gabi, also known as Dawn Masses, Misa de Gallo, is an original Filipino Tradition. We wake up very early in the morning, for nine straight days before Christmas (thats December 16 to 24) and offer novena and sacrifice of completing the nine mornings, to offer thanks and prepare ourselves spiritually for the coming of Christ through his birthday.

Our choir, the TYC choir, was scheduled to sing on December 16 and December 22.

These are the photographs of us singing during those two days.

Christ the King

December 23, 2008

Every year, the Sunday before the first week of Advent, (which marks the end of the Roman Misal Liturgical Year) we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King.

In our parish, St. Joseph Parish, Tambo, Paranaque, we cap this feast celebration with a procession honoring the Christ the King.  A high mass after the procession is celebrated at six in the evening.

The organizations I actively participate in; The Knights of Columbus Tambo Council 6167 in which I am the Deputy Grand Knight, and the Tambo Youth Circle Choir, took part in this celebration.

Feast on the pictures taken……

Parish Living Rosary

November 2, 2008

As a member of the Knights of Columbus and officer of both in the local council (as Worthy Deputy Grand Knight) and in the Assembly of the Fourth Degree (as Faithful Pilot), I am involved in organizing two “Living Rosaries”, one for our parish (with the project spearheaded by our local council as endorsed to the Parish Pastoral Council) and the other for the Assembly of the Fourth Degree (with all the ten (10) constituting councils of this assembly in attendance).

As a Catholic, we firmly believe in the power of the rosary and that the promises made by the Blessed Virgin Mary would be fulfilled for as long as there are Catholics praying for her intercession.

Let me share with you my report on the Parish Living Rosary first.


The Parish Living Rosary

(A project spearheaded by the Knights of Columbus

for and in behalf of St Joseph Parish)


Prepared by:

SK Raymond Gerard G. de Leon

        Deputy Grand Knight

        Knights of Columbus

        Tambo Council 6167



The Knights of Columbus Tambo Council 6167, in cooperation with the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Finance Council of St Joseph Parish, hosted a Parish Living Rosary together with the Six Lay Commissions of the Parish Pastoral Council last 29 October 2008.


The Living Rosary is the culmination of month long celebration of the October Rosary Month.  The council had been leading the community praying of the rosary every Wednesday evening after the novena and mass, in observance of the rosary month.  Our Parish Priest, Rev Fr. Joseph Landero concelebrated the Eucharistic Celebration with Rev Fr. Terence de Castro after the Living Rosary.  The parishioners were treated to a free Sacrificial Dinner of chicken porridge, sponsored in part by the Knights of Columbus, after the mass.


Knights of Columbus participation:


  1. Preparation of the tarpaulin printout
  2. Actual participation in the Living Rosary as part of the Commission on Human Promotions
  3. Provided the Honor Guards to make the celebration more colorful and meaningful.
  4. Major sponsor of the Sacrificial Dinner


Tarpaulin of the Living Rosary provided by K of C Tambo Council.

The Commission on Youth provided colorful paper flowers that were pinned to each bead in the picture.



Honor Guards posted at the foot of the tarpaulin.

The TYC Choir

September 19, 2008

As I have mentioned in my “About” page, I am a member of the Tambo Youth Circle Chorale.  We serve the Sunday 6:00 PM mass.

Total Reproductive Health Bill

August 4, 2008

The author, third from left, during the Humanae Vitae Pro-Life Rally at the University of Santo Tomas, in Sampaloc Manila.  Our organization, the Knights of Columbus supported the call of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines in denouncing the infamous bill.

 The recent news has placed the Philippine Government, specifically, the House of Representatives as they file a bill in Congress aptly titled “Total Reproductive Health Bill”.  I came across the following opinion write-up of Atty Jose Sison in the Philippine Star.

I am surprised to read from such an opinion from a man whom we knew back in the 80’s as a television personality (I believe he still does have until today, with his son, another lawyer, Atty Joepet Sison) behind the show “Ipaglaban Mo”.

He wrote exactly the way I feel, thus, needless to say, I share with his opinion 100%.

You may wish to follow this link or you might just wish to read it below.

Contraception and abortion
A LAW EACH DAY (Keeps Trouble Away) By Jose C. Sison
Friday, August 1, 2008

The debate on the population control bills is getting uglier. The proponents of the measures and their supporters continue to wear blinders and refuse to see the real issues. Or they purposely go around them to show the alleged fallacy of the Catholic Church stand even to the extent of sowing dissension between the clergy and the laity.

There is no quarrel that the Reproductive Health Bill does not legalize abortion. The Church does not oppose the bill because it supposedly legalizes abortion. The Church opposes the bill because it makes available the use of any and all forms of artificial contraceptives.

In its common connotation, contraceptive is any device or substance that inhibits or prevents fertilization or the fusion of the sperm or male cell with the female ovum to form a new individual. In essence it controls birth artificially or it interferes with the natural process of bringing human life into this world after a sexual intercourse between man and a woman. This is where the first moral issue arises.

The moral issue here is whether a man and a woman should engage in sexual intercourse merely for sexual pleasure or mainly for procreation which is the means of cooperating with God in creating another human being. The Church stand from my little knowledge of Catechism is that sexual intercourse is a marital act that has two functions: the biological or procreative function and the spiritual or unitive function. These two aspects of the marital act cannot be separated. If one deliberately nullifies the life oriented process of the conjugal act, one destroys its essential power to signify union.

Thus the Catechism states that “Sexual pleasure is morally disordered when sought for itself, isolated from its procreative and unitive purposes” (2351).  “Any act of contraception, be it by pills, condoms, withdrawal, or ligation is always wrong, and if this is done with full knowledge and full consent, it is always a mortal sin. Every marriage act must be open to the transmission of human life” (2366).

The more important moral issue which may even have legal implication is the connection between contraception and abortion. It has been repeatedly pointed out that the following contraceptives have already been medically proven to directly cause abortion: Depoprovera, RU 486, Intra-Uterine Device, Norplant and the Morning-After-Pill (Please see Project Abortifacients, Human Life International, June 1991). This is a claim that has never been denied or disproven by the proponents of the bill and their supporters. Yet the proposed bill will make them available to women. So it is quite clear that even if the bill still considers abortion as illegal and a punishable criminal act, it is nevertheless promoting abortion. In effect, the bill is promoting or abetting an act which it considers illegal. There is no free will or freedom of choice involved here. Such freedom definitely does extend to opting for something illegal.

The bigger truth is that this link between contraceptive and abortion is not limited to contraceptives that directly cause abortion but to all contraceptives, including condoms. If all kinds of contraceptives are easily available, men and women who still find a need to refrain from engaging in sexual intercourse for fear of having children is easily led to believe that there is no more such need since there are already adequate means that allow them to engage in the act without fear of having children. Hence when these contraceptives fail and the unwanted child comes, the only recourse is abortion.

This is not a theory or a mere assumption. It is happening in most countries that have legalized contraceptives. In Canada, the birth control pill was legalized in 1969. The following year, statistics reported 11,152 abortions. Today it is already 106,418 abortions: a tenfold increase in abortion since 1970 during a period of unprecedented contraceptive use (Natalie Hudson, The Contraception Misconception). In the US this reality is best described by its Supreme Court itself in the case of Planned Parenthood vs. Casey that upheld the ruling in Roe vs. Wade: “In some critical respects abortion is of the same character as the decision to use contraception. For two decades of economic and social development, people have organized intimate relationships and made choices that define their views of themselves and their places in society, in reliance of the availability of abortion in the event that contraception should fail”.

In the same article, Contraception Misconception, the following observation has been made: “Contraception has historically been promoted as a means of women’s emancipation, yet ironically it has led to a much greater objectification of women.  Women’s bodies have become a testing ground for pharmaceutical companies to reap profits from the myth that the natural consequences of sex can be avoided; women are put out of touch with their bodies as their fertility cycles become chemically controlled; and contraception can also be used to hide the evidence of abuse that is sometimes perpetrated among young or marginalized women.”   

In opposing these reproductive health bills the Church is therefore merely performing its duty of reminding the faithful about these doctrines of faith. Nobody is being deprived of their free will. Everybody is free to accept or reject these teachings. But those who reject them must also respect the moves of the Church and its clergy to safeguard the integrity of its tenets like taking a stand against these bills or issuing reminders on who may be denied the sacraments such as the Holy Eucharist or Matrimony.