Continuing on my series of Reflections.  Again from the Reflections of Fr. Andres Arboleda, as printed on thebook “PRESENCE; Prayers for Busy People”.

In here, Fr Arboleda speaks about how should our attitude should be about work, and not just to look at it on the financial gains it gives us.  Read on…….



People speak of work in terms of gain, salary or pay alone.  In short, in terms of money.  Of course, work is one of the ways man earns his keep; but there is much more in it than earning a living. There is something in work which makes man like God.  There must be something in it which is more than mere toil or sweat.


Work has not to be taken as something opposite to play because, truly, work without the creating and liberating element which play provides can only be unpleasant, boring and, at the same time, depersonalizing.  No human being will remain human if he is either treated no more than an element of production or the extension of the machine he uses..  And no human being would appreciate and enjoy work if his attitude towards it is reduced to what he gets from it.


When Adam and Eve were created, they were placed in a vast playground – the Garden of Eden.  It was only when they turned away from God that they had to work.  By the sweat of your face, God told Adam, shall you get bread to eat.  From the beginning, work was supposed to be liberating, creative activity through which man found joy in being God’s co-creator, like Adam before sinning, having the capacity to subdue the earth and exercise minion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and all the living things that move on earth.


Perhaps the time would come when men would no longer be driven by greed and lust for possessions when they work, or when men would look for work as not just a manner of earning money but a manner of affirming their dignity as God’s co-creators.


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